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Skyecam is a team of highly experience drone operators based in Los Angeles, California in the heart of Hollywood who specialize in creating professional aerial cinematography and aerial photography. Over 10 years of UAV operational flight training and extensive Drone engineering these aviators developed a passion for aerial film making while attaching on-board cameras to their RC Aircraft. Equipped with the most advanced multirotor technology and camera stabilization systems redefines their dynamic aerial imagery. Their advanced piloting skills, extensive knowledge in radio control aviation and the ability to capture the moment brings Skyecam to the professional world of aerial cinematography.

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JJ Trinidad

Aerial DP / Drone Operator / UAS Engineer

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Andre Slaughter

Aerial DP / Camera Operator / Creative Director



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Matt Desantis

Drone Operator / Technician / Engineer


drone video los angeles

Drew Cobb

Drone Operator / Technician / Engineer



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Greg Malone

Drone Operator / Techincian / Camera Operator






Team Skyecam

Breaking the record in 2009 for the

"World's Fastest RC Aircraft"

Over 1 million views

FAA Approved
US Department of Transportation

Ferderal Aviation Administration

Section 333 Exemption No. #15325

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