Hexacopter Matrice M600

Matrice M600

FAA Approved Drone

Hexacopter Matrice M600

Dual Operators (Drone Pilot & Camera Operator)
Maximum Payload 14 lbs
48mp Photographs / 4k Resolution Video
SDI or HDMI Live Video Feed, IPad Monitors
Ronin MX Gimbal (Pan, Tilt, Roll)
GPS Flight Modes - Way Points, Cruise Control,
Max Altitude 400 ft.
Maximum Distance 3 miles
Cameras - All DSLR's, RED Weapon, RED Raven
25min to 15min Flight time











Ronin MX Gimbal

Ronin MX Gimbal
The Ronin MX gimbal built for cameras like the RED Weapon. SDI & HDMI live video 1080 Transmission. Most DSLR cameras fits perfectly in the gimbal. The gimbal connects to any our Ipad monitors or any pro monitors. Not recommened for Alexa Mini or RED Dragon size cameras.

Telemetry On-Screen Display

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Our OSD (on screen display) can collect precise & real time telemetry transmitted to the ground to our video monitors or goggles from miles away