Our Services

We are experts in aerial cinematography for the Feature Fillms, Television, Commercials and Documentaries. We have 10 years of experience operating Unmanned Aircraft Systems from fixed wings to multirotor Drones. Our unique ability to build custom aircraft to carry heavy payloads including VR Setups, Lighting Sysytems, Cinema Lenses, combined with expertise in designing their use into any creative process and our experience ensures exceptional content creation.

Aerial Cinematography


Drones are not limited to wide panoramic shots. Due to their ability with dynamic movement, close-to-ground flight they are perfect for follow footage, running action and tracking perfect circles. The drone is a perfect tool to replicate crane, dolly, steadicam and helicopter. The flexibility of drones gives Directors and DOPs significant options to create unique footage in rapid sequence due to the speed at which the setup takes place and the ability to shoot multiple takes within quick succession. 

Our experience, workflow design and technological capability allow us to operate as a self-contained 2nd Unit. We can operate as part of the main unit or be given the creative brief to capture footage as a second unit team.

la drone video
  • Feature Films
  • Television
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Music Videos
  • Live Video Broadcast
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Visual Effects / Plates


Post Production / Video Editing

Video Editing, Color Grading, After Effects

Custom Builds

We build Drones! We can custom build any aircraft for a specific need.

Aerial Photography






Stakeholders Presentations

Virtual Reality / 360


Virtual Experience

First Person Visuals

Immerse in a Virtual World

Commercial Real Estate


Virtual Tours


3D Rendering

Investment Portfolios

Marketing & Advertising

Construction Progress

Industrial Solutions

As a pioneer of the UAV market, we have proven success across a wide range of industrial applications.

It is one thing to have access to advanced UAV platforms and payloads, it’s an entirely different matter how they are designed into existing workflows and deployed without disruption. The use cases for UAV are evolving rapidly. Our competency is in designing solutions that maximize the impact that having aerial data collection or applications afford. From craft design to data transfer to remote logging and monitoring – we are experts in end-to-end service delivery.

  • Advanced Unmammed Aerial Systems & Services
  •  Precision Agriculture / NDVI, IR, Thermal, Early Detection
  •  Infrastructure Inspections / 3D Point Clouds / DSM’s / 4K FMV
  • Search & Rescue / Thermal / Zoom Cams
  • Aerial Cartography / Mapping / Site Planning / Volumetrics
  • Commercial Development / Real Estate / Pre-Visualization
  • Processing & Evaluation of Data
  • Countless other realtime & Post Processing Applications