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Aerial Cinematography Experts

Skyecam is a top industry leading drone company with a team of highly experience drone operators based in Los Angeles, California in the heart of Hollywood who specialize in creating professional aerial cinematography and aerial photography. Over 10 years of UAV operational flight training and extensive uas engineering drone operators developed a passion for aerial film making while attaching on-board cameras to their RC Aircraft. Equipped with the most advanced multirotor technology and camera stabilization systems redefines their dynamic aerial imagery. Their advanced piloting skills, extensive knowledge in radio control aviation and the ability to capture the moment brings Skyecam to the professional world of aerial cinematography.

la drone company

Meet the Crew

JJ Trinidad 

Aerial DP | UAS Engineer

Camera Operator

Drew Cobb 

Drone Operator

Gimbal / Camera Operator

Andre Slaughter 

Gimbal & Camera Operator

Video Editor

Matt Desantis

Drone Operator

Gimbal / Camera Operator

LA Drone Company

Our Clients


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