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Los Angeles based aerial video and drone photography services in the heart of Hollywood since 2012 specializing in Aerial Cinematography, Aerial Photography, UAS Consulting and Custom UAS Builds which gives us & our clients almost unlimited options for unique angles, dynamic camera movements. What sets us apart from other companies is our experience, extensive knowledge in Unmanned Aircraft Systems, piloting skills, uas engineering, trouble shooting, finding solutions and the ability to fly all types aircraft with on-board cinematic cameras. As professionals we work closely with our clients in capturing dynamic aerial imagery.




The best way to instantly increase the production value of any film project is aerial cinematography or drone photography. We custom build UAS Unmanned Aircraft Systems with on-board cameras with 3-axis stabilization using aerial gimbals. Our heavy lift drones can easily handle the weight of an Alexa Mini camera, RED Weapon 8k Camera, LED Lighting Systems, 360/VR Systems. Establishing shots, reveals, elevator shots, chase scenes, helicopter shots can all be captured in full 4k or 8K EPIC footage. Any filmmaker or video producer with an eye for aesthetics knows what aerial cinematography shots add to the look of any film..

FAA Approved, Licensed, Insured & Night Flight Certified

We are FAA approved under Section 333 Exemption & PART 107 Pilot Certification for all Commercial Drone Operations, Motion Picture, TV & Closed-Set filming and Drone Photography. Our pilots are licensed & certified to operate drones in the national airspace. FAA Part 107 allows for some expanded operations based on a Waiver of some provisions such as Certificate Waivers for Night Flights, Over People, Above 400ft and other specific types. We now have been granted Waivers for all Night Flights. For more info on our Section 333 Exemption visit the Federal Aviation Administration website or click here

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