The Best Drone Companies in LA

The 8 Best Drone Videographers Shooting Aerial Cinematography in Los Angeles ” Peerspace”

Best drone companies in Los Angeles. Where better on Earth for cinematography than Los Angeles? Home to Hollywood, the Walk of Fame, the Oscars, Griffith Park, and Beverly Hills, there’s nowhere aerial cinematography wouldn’t be welcome. There are hundreds of movies that have used overhead shots of the city already. But thanks to drones, you don’t have to be Michael Bay to have your own blockbuster. And because it’s Los Angeles, you’ll also have an unlimited choice in cinematographers to take up the helm. If you’re looking for the most scenic aerial shots SoCal has to offer, then take a peek at these licensed Los Angeles drone videographers and the magic they can do. No helicopter needed!

Aerial cinematography in Los Angeles is so much more than turning a bird’s-eye lens downtown. Taylor Swift fans, rejoice. If you’re one of the people who rushed to watch Swift’s documentary — Miss Americana — when it hit Netflix, you should know that Skyecam provided the aerial visuals on the tour depicted in the film. Furthermore, even if you’re not a fan, it’s impossible to watch this segment and not want to work with this crew. Of course, Skyecam is more than Taylor Swift. The team of industry-leading experts — led by founder JJ Trinidad — is one of the most respected firms for aerial cinematography in Los Angeles. They’ve worked with numerous clients, such as HBO, National Geographic, BMW, and Animal Planet, on a plethora of projects, from music videos to documentaries.